A one-stop garage for hot-air balloon storage and repair.

In humid Japan, air conditioning is provided for the optimum storage environment for balloons, and it can be stored without worrying about deterioration even in the off-season. You can also clean and maintain the equipment and fill it on holidays.

[Notice of postponement of new warehouse construction]

The new SOLABASE warehouse was intended to open in April 2020, but it was decided to postpone the construction because it was found that additional days would be required to apply for the conversion and integration of the planned construction site.

At the moment, we are making adjustments with the aim of opening in 2021.

We are very sorry for the disappointing news to everyone who was expecting it.

Thank you for your understanding.


​Loading equipment

A dolly, a lift and a chain hoist are prepared, and it is possible to move and move heavy equipment without stress.



The warehouse is firmly locked.

Resident staff come and go, so you can safely store your important equipment.


Air conditioning equipment

Equipped with air conditioning equipment to remove moisture in order to keep equipment such as bulbs for a long time.


Access and parking

The parking lot in front of the nearest Yagyu station is available. It is a convenient location by car or train.


Repair & maintenance

It is equipped with a sewing machine, compressor, and high-pressure washer, and there is also a courtyard, so it can be expanded and maintained.



The guest house, clean shower, kitchen, etc., all accommodation and breaks before and after the flight are completed.

​Equipment rental


1-2 seater

Manufacturer: Kubicek (BBXR17) JA-A-1633 

Flight time: 10 hours (as of April 2021)

First year registration: 2021

Burner: UM (MK21)

Gondola: UM (1100 x 1200)

¥ 40,000


3-4 seats

Manufacturer: UM (S-90) JA-A-1379 

Flight time: 150 hours (as of April 2021)

First year registration: 2011

Burner: UM (MK21)

Gondola: UM (1100 x 1200)

¥ 40,000

S__13525009 (1).jpg

5-6 seats

Manufacturer: Rusbal (105) JA-A-1592

Flight time: 180 hours (as of April 2021)

First year registration: 2018

Burner: Rusbal (Phoenix)

Gondola: Rusbal (with 1100 x 1500 doors)

¥ 50,000

It is also possible to rent various aircraft and fly.

[Basic accessories]

Inflator, cylinder 20Kg x 4 (gas charge not included), quick release, 1 crew member

* When used for mooring events, the price will be "fixed price x 3".


Hiace: 5000 yen (return full tank)

Light truck: 3000 yen (return full tank)

Instrument: 3000 yen (GarminGPS, Flytec altimeter, 2 digital simple radios)

If you wish, please contact us using the form below.

We will get back to you as soon as we can confirm it.

Subject: Equipment rental

Contents: Desired date of use, desired aircraft, options, other information, etc.

[Storage only]

・ 1 pallet (1100 mm x 1400 mm) with dolly 20,000 yen / month

・ Ball skin pallet (1000mm x 1000mm) Stored on the 2nd floor 10,000 yen / month


[Parking lot (separate contract with Tobu Real Estate)]

3300 yen / month

* 13200 yen only at the time of contract (prepaid for 2 months + security deposit, contract fee)


[SOLABASE member]

5000 yen / month (individual or club (every 5 people))

・ Guest house accommodation discount (half price coupon code)

・ Use of facilities in the guest house (toilet, shower, kitchen, living room)

・ Use of repair equipment (sewing machine, compressor, high pressure washer, courtyard)

・ Filling agency (Sunday filling agency)

・ Invitation to events and workshops

【method of payment】

Automatic withdrawal of credit at the end of every month

* If it is from the middle of the month, it will be calculated on a daily basis.


Apply from the contact form below.

Title: Garage application

Message: Desired number of pallets, period