When you go on an adventure, the scenery, experiences, and encounters with people and nature that you have never seen can change a person's values.
I want to become a base (BASE) for people who embark on such adventures through balloons.
And I want to make the adventure in the sky more familiar and a chance for many people to leave.
If you come here, you will have all the people, equipment, and information, and I want to make it a place where you can enjoy your balloon life.
SOLABASE was created with that in mind.


​Thank you for visiting the website of Winning Balloon Club.

Since it's a big deal, I would like to introduce you to the birth of the Winning Balloon Club.

I (Imamura) have been familiar with balloons since I was a child because my father was a hot-air balloon pilot.

However, contrary to that environment, elementary, junior high and high schools spend every day playing baseball.

After that, when I became a college student and looked back at my future, I thought, "I can only learn maneuvering skills from my father now," so I volunteered to become a pilot.

At the same time, when I was a student, I traveled abroad as a backpacker, and at that time it was the guesthouse that gave me the opportunity to meet many friends.

He set the goal, "Hot-air balloons should become more popular in Japan! I want to create a place that combines accommodations like guest houses someday!"

After that, I got a job once, but during that time my passion for goals did not cool down and I retired in 2015.

In 2016, we started renovation of an old private house over 100 years old for the guest house, and in 2019 we started staying as a guest house.

But it's not the end here, SOLABASE is still developing.

As the only guesthouse operated by a pilot in Japan, we will explore new possibilities as a place where new encounters and discoveries can be made with balloon and sky sports.


Obtained a hot-air balloon license due to the influence of my father who was a pilot.
Certified instructor and inspector of the Japan Balloon Federation.

2016 Established SOLA Co., Ltd.​

2019 SOLABASE opening
2020 Watarase Balloon Race 10th place Rookie of the Year

​ Along with the operation of SOLABASE, we provide a hot-air balloon experience.

He is also active in competitions toward his goal of being the best hot-air balloon in the world.

Shinnosuke Imamura



guest house

You can stay at the guest house or at the glamping.


​Hot air balloon / BBQ

You can also experience BBQ on flights.


​Storage / repair

We also store, rent and repair equipment in a warehouse dedicated to balloons.